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Robolinux which includes the Zero Knowledge Spider Oak Private Cloud for Free is a 100% Debian based Distro with two versions: #1: An optimized Gnome 3 Classic 3D Desktop and #2 An optimized Xfce Desktop, both include many of your favorite programs already installed like Google Chrome, Thunderbird email v24, Popcorn Time v0.3.4, Firefox33, Libre Office, Kadenlive Video Editor, Audacity, Sound Juicer, VLC, Skype, Lucky Backup, Deluge and Transmission Bit Torrent. Plus one click installers for Skype, Netflix & Plex media Server. It also provides you with essential native Linux Apps such as Brasero DVD burner, Empathy multi chat account, Shotwell Photo Manager, Evolution eMail and Calendar which imports your Microsoft Outlook emails and address book automatically. You can also install 30,000 free Apps with one click inside Robolinux

Embedded VirtualBox Images
RoboLinux32 Gnome v7.7.2 VirtualBox VDI VirtualComputer12/07/2014Distribution ReleaseFree Download
RoboLinux 7.7.1 LXDE 64bit VirtualBox VDI Virtual Computer12/28/1969