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PCLinuxOS is an English only live CD initially based on Mandrake Linux that runs entirely from a bootable CD. Data on the CD is decompressed on the fly, allowing up to 2GB of programs on one CD including a complete X server, KDE desktop, and many more applications all ready to use. In addition to the live CD, you can also install PCLinuxOS to your hard drive with an easy-to-use livecd-installer. Additional applications can be added or removed from your hard drive using a friendly apt-get front end via Synaptic.

Embedded VirtualBox Images
PCLinuxOS KDE 2011-6 Desktop Virtual Appliance07/10/2011Distribution ReleaseFree Download
PCLinuxOS Enligntenmint 2010.12 Virtual Appliance12/24/2010Distribution ReleaseFree Download
PCLinuxOS KDE 2010.12 VirtualBox Virtual Appliance12/23/2010Distribution ReleaseFree Download
PCLinuxOS Phoenix XFCE 2010.07 Virtual Appliance08/01/2010Distribution ReleaseTorrent
PCLinuxOS 2009.2 Virtual Image07/05/2009Distribution ReleaseTradeBit
PCLinuxOS 2009.1 VDI03/14/2009Distribution ReleaseTradeBit
PCLinuxOS 2009 Final Release Virtual Appliance [$0.99]02/09/2009Beta ReleaseTradeBit
PCLinuxOS 2009 Beta2 VDI12/06/2008Beta ReleaseTorrent
PCLinuxOS 2009 Beta 1 VDI10/21/2008Beta ReleaseTorrent
PCLinuxOS 2007 VDI [$0.99USD]09/02/2008Distribution ReleaseTradeBit
PCLOS Gnome 2008.1 VDI05/17/2008Distribution ReleaseTorrent
PCFluxboxOS - TinyFlux 1.0 VDI05/12/2008Distribution ReleaseTorrent
Distributions derived from this Distribution