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Granular is a Linux operating system that is easy to use, user-friendly, and filled with lots of fun. For newbies in the world of Linux who want to explore and play around with Linux, Granular is a must try. At the same time, it is well suited to the regular Linux users.

One notable feature of Granular is that it unites various desktop environments, like KDE and Enlightenment, together onto one CD/DVD. Switching between them is easy.

Package Included in Granular:

  • Granular Control Center - used to manage your system from a central point
  • Synaptic Package Manager - used to install new softwares from the repositories
  • Mozilla Firefox - the default web browser
  • Xine - codecs library which enables playback of virtually all known multimedia formats. It's the backend for some great multimedia players, like Amarok (audio player) and Kaffeine (video player)
  • Kopete - the default chat client. Supports many instant messaging protocols, like Yahoo!, AIM, GTalk, MSN etc.
  • GIMP - very popular image editing software
  • digiKam - photo management application
  • KOffice suite - replacement to Microsoft Office. It is a collection of softwares like KWord, KPresenter, KSpread.
Embedded VirtualBox Images
Granular Linux 1.0-RC VDI07/02/2008Development ReleaseTorrent
Granular-1.0-preview VDI03/27/2008Beta ReleaseTorrent